OneDrive Personal – Processing changes

WARNING: This blog discuses change to file system permissions. Read and apply at your own risk!!!

I had issues with my OneDrive always stating it’s processing 457 changes. This same message was going on for weeks but I ignored it as I had other things to worry about first.

I finally got frustrated and started to play with settings, using my google-fu, resetting, etc.

What finally worked was resetting the permissions on my folders. Like other technical folks, I reimage or reset my PC often as I use it for testing or want a clean install few times a year. By doing so, obviously the NTFS permissions change as I get new local account with a new SID.

From the top root folder, go to Properties, select the Security tab, and choose the Advance settings

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Change owner to your account and select the Replace all child object option. Double check to ensure you have everything correct and then click Apply. This will take a while based on how many files you have.

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