MDT 2013 Update 2 Now Available

Microsoft has just released an update to MDT 2013 today as Update 2.  Update 1 provided Windows 10 support (Windows 10 supported ADK is needed still).  Update 2 as stated in the blog does not add major new features but adds some improvements to existing features and functionality.

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A “Set Network Location” dialog box appears when you first log on to a domain-joined Windows 7-based client computer

If you get a prompt to Set Network Location (See Figure 1) in Windows 7 on a domain-joined computer, there is a hotfix from MS to resolve this issue.

Package the hotfix and deploy as a Task in the OSD or MDT Task Sequence as part of the Windows 7 deployment.

Figure 1

MDT fails to launch on IBM or Lenovo computers

I came across this issues where the Litetouch MDT scripts would not run on certain IBM or Lenovo computers (wscript.exe process exists right away, no MININT folder, no logs, etc.).  After researching, found that the IBM/Lenevo tool called Rescue and Recovery was blocking the scripts from running and creating the MININT folder in C: root.  Removal of his tool from the system, allowed the MDT to launch and work successfully.